Data Privacy Policy

Welcome to the websites of The protection of your data is highly relevant to us. Therefore, we want to inform you, which data for which purposes we are using with respect to you visiting our website. Of course our privacy policy is in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the German Federal Law of Data Privacy (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes, BDSG), the German Tele Media Law (Telemediengesetzes, TMG) and further common data privacy regulations.

1 What are "personal data"?

The term "personal data" is defined as any information related to a natural person or "Data Subject", that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person. For example, that could be a full given name, address, telephone number or date of birth.

2 Responsible Party / Service Provider

The Service Provider of and therefore the Responsible Party for data privacy concerning this website is BioControl Jena GmbH, cf. our legal notice. Questions and Comments regarding this data privacy policy and our data privacy in general please send to our e-mail or postal address.

3 Collecting and processing anonymous data of your internet browser

Our websites have the purpose of presenting information about us. For this purpose it is not necessary that you provide us with your personal data. The only data that is collected and stored by our website hosting provider into so-called server-log-files is the information sent automatically by your internet browser while accessing our websites. The data are:

  • host name of the accessing computer (anonymised IP address)
  • date and time of the access
  • internet address of our actual website (sub page)
  • your browser parameters including type and version
  • the operating system
  • address of the website with the link you followed to our websites (Referrer URL)

These browser data are stored separately from any other data that you might have given us. A relationship is not created between these two data types. The browser data are evaluated for statistical purposes, i.e. for optimising our websites and services based on a statistical evaluation of these anonymous data. In addition, these data might form the basis of investigation in cases of suspected illegal actions.

4 Cookies

Potentially your browser stores information in form of so-called cookies by third party websites, whose functions are included in some of our websites. However, for accessing our website content the storage of these information is not necessary.

5 Social Bookmarks

On our websites we have not included any so-called social bookmarks or social media plugins (e.g. facebook, google+ or twitter). Instead, we only have links to our appearances on third party platforms. That means only if you click on the link behind the respective graphical symbol you will be forwarded to the respective third party website. This other website then might have a different policy concerning social bookmarks or social media plugins (see also next paragraph).

6 Links to websites of other (third party) providers

Some of our websites contain links (forwarding) to websites of other third party providers. Our data privacy policy is not dealing or referring to these third party websites. Clicking on the link might open the third party website. As far as accessing this third party website concerns the collection and storage of personal data, the data privacy policy of the respective third party website provider is to be considered.

7 Submitting personal data when contacting us

Personal data are collected by us, if you are submitting them yourself, e.g. in cases of you contacting us. Of course the data that is submitted this way will be used by us only for purposes that you grant us.

Submitting any of your personal data is of your voluntary and express consent. As far as the personal data directly concerns means of communication (e.g. e-mail address or telephone number) you agree that we might contact you by this means of communication for answering your requests.

Of course, your consent to this can be withdrawn by you. For this, please use any of the usual means of communication (e.g. the afore-mentioned).

8 Data transfer and right of data portability

A transfer of your data to third parties is not conducted generally. However, your data can be transferred, if we are committed by law, if you explicitly give your consent or if you exercise your right of data portability.

As far as external data processors get into contact with your data, we have taken care of legal, technical and organisational measures as well as regular checks (represented by data processing contracts), such that regulations concerning data privacy are respected.

At any time you can exercise your right of data portability. That means you can direct us to transfer your personal data stored and processed by us to yourself or to a third party. We will then transfer your data in a standardised, machine-readable format in an appropriate way with respect to our temporal and technical capacities.

9 Security

We have installed extensive technical and structural security measures to prevent your data from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss or access by illegal parties. Our security measures are checked regularly and adapted to the technological state of the art.

10 Rights to information, correction, blocking, revocation and deletion

At any time and free of charge you can exercise your right to get information about which of your personal data we store or process.

Also according to the GDPR and BDSG you can exercise your rights of correction or blocking of your data stored with us.

Finally, you can revoke your consent to storage and processing of your data as well as initiate a deletion of your personal data according to legal regulations.

11 Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

If you should be considering our websites and the respective processing of your personal data are infringing legal data privacy regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement.

A list of responsible authorities and their contact addresses are provided by the BfDI (german) and the european commission.

12 Modification of this data privacy policy

We are reserving our right to modify this data privacy policy in accordance to effective data privacy regulations. The current version dates from July 2018.