Statistics Consulting

Your Problems

In some cases of investigation and interpretation of relationships, data-based analysis is more appropriate than bottom-up modelling. Especially in times of "high-throughput" and "big data" a thorough statistical analysis is the subsequent step to data acquisition. Knowledge about statistical properties of related data is also essential for a consistent modelling. In any circumstances, statistical properties and respective analysis methods should be treated with experience and corresponding care. For your own reasons you might not be in need for a full data analysis but for advices to correct approaches or initial hints for doing the analysis yourself.

This consulting is particularly helpful for clinical or other trials, including the development of drugs or devices, i.e. also for the implementation of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

Our Solutions

We offer statistics consulting for initial evaluation of data, their statistical properties as well as necessary basic and adapted methods for your own investigation. In this case, consulting meetings for your proceeding are more appropriate than the whole tool chain that we apply for data analysis or modelling. For matching intensity and duration to your needs, we developed a multi-stage consulting scheme.