Process Optimization

Your Problems

Some applications of process engineering and many clinical applications of medical engineering contain a biological component. In addition, information processing and automatic control of theses processes is increasing. Finally and as a consequence, for process optimization (with respect to costs, time, energy, etc.) of industrial production and (medical) devices a holistic understanding of the systems and their control is essential.

Our Solutions

The interdisciplinary team of BioControl offers adapted (process) optimization for various biological and medical processes. The adaption of modelling and optimization depends on available information and goals. Firstly, we provide an evaluation and optimization based on a thorough statistical data analysis and cause-effect-models. Secondly, for complex dynamical systems we conduct an analysis by more sophisticated mathematical modelling and process simulations. For modelling, mainly ordinary differential equations (representing laws of biochemistry or physics, see also systems biology) are applied, but also more abstract descriptions like rule-based decision systems, neuro-fuzzy networks or other automata.

Based on the analysis of these models we offer a process optimization in terms of optimal control strategies. The strategies might range from improved knowledge-based decision or classification systems to parameter adaptation, soft sensors or algorithms for automated optimal control.


  • Design of experiments and power analysis
  • Yield maximisation (of a genetically modified organism)
  • Modelling of metabolism (Electron Transport Chain of Escherichia coli)
  • Optimization of methods (of diagnosis and therapy)
  • Minimisation of energy in environmental biotechnology
  • Optimisation of recipes in food biotechnology