About us



BioControl Jena is your service company for analysing and optimizing bio data and bio processes, bioinformatics and systems biology, statistics (including consulting) and visualization.
On our pages you can find an overview about our services and get an impression of our applications.


For solving your problems adequately we develop mathematical methods and implement them into software dependent on the requirements.
We support your enterprise by design of experiments (including sample size estimation), data analysis (pre-processing, statistics, visualization) and data management (e.g. databases). Also, we are experienced considerably in modelling and optimization of bio processes.


Typically, our solutions and results are applied in areas of life sciences, i.e. biology (research, biochemical analysis), data-processing medical engineering (diagnosis and therapy) and biotechnology (especially bio process engineering).
Recent developments concern the large area of omics analysis (supporting biological interpretation by data analysis of genome, transcriptome, proteome, etc.), modelling of metabolism and growth, personalized medicine and data management of high-throughput biological data.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any particular problem related to data analysis and process optimization!